expressionist oil painting giclee print 1920s art deco woman flapper

The Flapper

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The Broken Piece

melancholy cat expressionist oil on canvas painting

The Cat with a Tale

surreal painting snake on green park garden square oil painting

The Green - Snake on the Grass

red squirrel shopping holding banana oil on canvas giclee print

Where are my nuts?

expressionist fine art oil painting fox cub loss of wildlife habitat
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Bull Bouncer

boxer dog bouncer under exit sign hand in pocket oil on canvas giclee print


fine art oil on canvas giclée print long hair grey cat on cat blue sky

The Sapped Sphinx

ine art surreal oil painting stag beetle eye flowers in vase on beach giclee print


cat in victorian dress carrying basket of fish fine art oil painting

Cat and Fish

chestnut brown reclining horse at beach fine art oil painting


contemporary art kid goat moon oil on canvas giclee print

The Peer

contemporary surreal oil painting bird pink clouds

The Lure of Latitude

blue painting oil on canvas oil painting fish in boat giclee print

The Journey

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Pug in a Shop

rey cat oil on canvas surreal painting cat mouse contemplation giclee print

Contemplative Feline

cat guitar birds music painting oil on canvas giclee print

Music Peace

brown cat in white dress pink knitted hat oil on canvas giclee print
Anne Ticipation
melancholy white haremela white rabbit blue knitted hat scarf oil painting giclee print
The Blues Encounter
pug dog in cothes oil on canvas oil painting giclee print
Mr Pug
pug dog in cothes oil painting giclee print
Mrs Pug
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Mother Hare

brown rabbit holding basket of eggs chicks oili on caqnvas giclee print


little brown donkey oil on canvas giclee print


surreal brown cat garden hedge blue sky oil on canvas giclee print

Hedge Cat